The Barnes Carnival 

The first documentation of  the 
Carnival in Barnes is in this picture dated July 1908 and titled as the 5th Annual. It was held at 
the North Park in Barnes and was well known for 
many years as the place to gather.

Barnes North City Park
The “Avenue of Trees” originally formed an X, planted from each corner of the park & forming an alleyway for horse and foot traffic. The southeast exit is the most intact with some of the original trees and the beautiful native rock entrance.
South Entrance to North City Park
Picnic and BBQ areas available
This is the Shelter house, great for hosting  an outdoor event! It has lights in the evening, and bathrooms on site.
This is the recently installed playground.  Before this playground the only equipment for kids to play on was 60+ years old, and in disrepair.  A group of locals did a variety of fundraisers, including community meals and a cookbook to fund many of the equipment you see.  Thanks to a recent grant there is also a new climbing wall and a sidewalk that spans from other areas of the park to the play equipment area.
Historic Pictures of the Barnes North City Park
The land for the North Park was given to the Barnes Park Assoc. in October 1888 by John Bookwalter, with the stipulation 
that it be used as a public park.